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Welcome to the 2020 Digital H@ck3r Runw@y landing page.

For the second year, H@ck3r Runw@y brought together hacker trend setters. They made it, lit it up, protected it and geeked it out. We had strong entries and great judges. The judges and the people spoke. There are the results.

SIGNUP START: July 8, 2020

SIGNUP DEADLINE: August 7, 2020

Awards will be handed out in 5 categories and voters will select a final People's Choice winner:

Winners will be selected based on, but no limited to:

Stay up to date with changes by following @hack3runway on Twitter. Don't have an entry? You can still participate. Stop by and vote for your favorites.

Your images and/or video will be used in a public presentation for the Defcon 28 Conference. Thank you for helping to make this a success.


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